Workplace Sexual Harassment – How to File a Complaint

The most important anti-harassment policy is always prevention. One of the best ways to deal with sexual harassment is having a written policy that clearly states that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. This policy should clearly assure complainants? It would not be treated negatively for making a claim of harassment.

An anti-harassment policy is ineffective without such guarantees. A good practice is to have a phone number that employees can call anonymously with questions and concerns about sexual harassment. Once an allegation is made and it is evident that an investigation is necessary the fact-finding investigation should be launched immediately.

Anti-harassment policies and procedures should be provided for each employee, preferably during initial training and post the written anti-harassment policy in central locations such as break rooms and locker rooms and redistribute it regularly. You can also have online harassment training for employees through

The policy must include an explanation of the unacceptable behaviour, assuring that complaints will not be followed by retaliation and a suggested means of filing a complaint.  The anti-harassment policy should cover all forms of abuse: whether by age, gender, race, religion, national origin, disability and include harassment by anyone, including supervisors, co-workers and non-employees.

The harassment complaints procedure should be designed to encourage victims opposed to discouraging victims of harassment with invasive reporting procedures. A procedure that appears too complicated and full of obstacles can discourage reports. Employees should be encouraged to report harassment early before it becomes severe and disruptive to their work environment.

Benefits Of Hiring Furniture Designers

Whether you have decided to remodel your house, maybe piece by piece, or need to update your business office, it could be beneficial for you to hire someone who has extensive experience with the design of furniture and the decoration planning, wall color, lighting, and all floors to the ceilings.

Designers seem to have that “eye” special for what works and how to put things together and make all happy. Things like lighting, texture, and color on the walls, carpet, furniture, and especially all play a role in making it pleasant for all concerned.

Today’s furniture designers are well trained to what works best with what and how to put it all together for you. Interior designers can work with you, selecting the colors of the walls and carpet, but the furniture designers are those who can pull it all together and make customers happy every time!

Modern furniture designs are not very different in the last few decades. The surrounding area and that space are used to help determine should the style of furniture to use.

Furniture with upholstery can be a great influence on the overall style of the room with plaids or less desirable flowery materials as basic solid colors such as tan, gray, and blue and dark green. Often, these colors can contrast with the walls and carpet.

Whether it is a suite of offices in a downtown high-rise or a house of three rooms in the classic design of the suburbs is appreciated. Trained designers of furniture have experienced complete plans with color combinations in their head and are ready to solve the problems of space and structure before your eyes.

A small change, which can be a new door in a colorful style sofa to add to dull décor can “beautify” any room. It can take the painting, carpeting or another flooring, and a total upgrade in furniture, but all parts will be improved with appreciatively with a furniture designer.