Respirators and Gas Masks for Safety Purposes

In circumstances where someone tends to be exposed to the workplace environment with gas or air, protection is very important. Since there are various kinds of respirator masks available to meet different conditions, and to ensure that staff is  safe, it is necessary to understand which type is needed for which situation, to provide the best protection.

Respirator masks fall into 3 basic categories, which are used in different circumstances, and requires different training and precautions to be taken. Basically, 3 main types are SCBA (official breathing apparatus), PAPR (powered air purifier respirator), and finally Escape Breathing Devices. You can also find Israeli G.I. M-15 gas mask with nato filter online through

CBA respirator masks are used in industrial circumstances where the user needs access to a guaranteed safe air supply. The name: Self Contained Breathing Apparatus means that the equipment provides a micro environment which is cut off from any external pollutants or chemicals. These are made up of two components. A large tank of air is worn on the back and connected to an airtight mask which is worn over the head.

Air tanks, which are under high pressure, will usually provide enough air for up to one hour, but larger versions available last longer. It is needed in a state where no safe air supply is available, and where the operator must be equipped with a safe air supply to enable them to survive.